Stateline Quad Info


Stateline Supermoto is leading the way to make the sport of Quad Supermoto a legitimate form of quad racing that will be around for years to come. This has been proven by other sanctioning bodies creating and awarding National Championships for Quad Supermoto!!

Safety Items that will be mandatory

  • Kill switch with wrist band / laniard that kills the motor when detached from quad
  • Maximum width of 52″ from outside to outside of tires
  • All quads must have nerf bars
  • All nerf bars, bumpers, and grab bars must be of continuous loop style with no open ends and no sharp edges
  • All drain or fill bolts that hold back water or oil must either be safety wired or siliconed in place
  • Quads that are NOT fuel injected must have some sort of fuel catch can
  • No anti freeze in the radiator.  Water with water wetter or engine ice is permitted.

These items will all be verified at tech inspection.  If your quad does not meet these requirements, you will not be allowed to enter the track.

The finishing order of the heat race will determine the grid order for the main. Grid positions for the Quad Pro class will be assigned by a pea pick at registration. Non-Pro classes will have heat grid determined by sign up order.


Fire extinguishers will be mandatory in each pit for this event. The Clark County Fire Department will be on hand all weekend inspecting to ensure that the event is run safely. Failure to comply will result in disqualification.  This is a requirement by the Clark County Fire Department.    Thanks in advance for your understanding & cooperation!