Track Building

Lee Collins has over 30 years of track-building experience with expert heavy machinery skills. He can provide design and construction for any custom motocross, monster truck, FMX, flat track, or supermoto track.

Some of his track-building experience includes:

  • Building an off-road course for a KIA commercial set
  • Backyard motocross/supercross style tracks
  • Monster Truck courses for televised shows
  • Freestyle motocross take-off/landings
  • Supermoto tracks through streets of Butte, Montana for EK Days
  • Ride and Drive courses
  • NMRO Mud Drags and Mud bogs courses
  • Off Road Racing Demos for Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series
For more information on track-building services, please contact Lee Collins at 253-740-4235 or [email protected].