Rules and Regulations

Our goal is to operate a fun, competitive, family friendly event. We don’t have a ton of rules, but the rules we have are there to keep it fair to everyone, to keep us on schedule and most importantly, keep everyone safe. Your cooperation is appreciated.
The gates open at ___:__ , sign up starts at ___:___ and closes promptly at ___:___ . Additions or changes may be made at the office manager’s digression. (Don’t count on it)

Rider Responsibility:

  • All riders must purchase and wear a wristband to gain entry to the track. The staging manager has the right to refuse any rider who does not comply.
    • The practice schedule is posted at starting gate. We run through the schedule twice. (FT)
    • The practice schedule is listed on your practice ticket. You must present it at starting gate. We run through the schedule twice. (AX)
  • Riders Meeting: Prior to practice every rider and parent of younger riders are required to attend and listen to announcements and a recap of rules at every event.
  • Race schedules are posted after practice. Occasionally there are changes to the race order after initial posting. It is your responsibility to listen to the announcer for updates to the schedule or requests for riders to clarify entry information at the office.
  • Clearly marked number plates must be on the front and both sides of your bike to ensure scoring. Failure to comply could result in our ability to record laps and score you appropriately. If we ask you to change your number, please validate the change with the office. Staging and lap checkers must be able to identify who you are.
  • Track Conduct:
    • Passing on caution (yellow) 2 lap penalty
    • Fighting with track staff or other riders may result in ejection from event
    • Spectators on the track are strictly prohibited. The only exception is for parents of very young riders.
    • Referee has final rules
  • Check posted race results and bring questions to the office immediately. Failure to do so could result in our ability to address your concern.
  • Trophies will be available 15 minutes after results have been posted.

Disclaimers / Waivers

Each season every rider is required to fill out a waiver of liability, and sign a release form at each event*. You can review the forms here: Minor | Adult. There is one for minors (under 18 years old) that has to be signed by the rider, parent(s) or legal guardians. The other is for all riders over the age of 18.

* If you sign up online you still need to visit the office to sign the release forms, check in and get your practice ticket.